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Julie Jean - Class of 2014 - Management major - Angers, France

A French perspective on the Appalachian Experience

March 4, 2013

Julie Jean is a French citizen who came to Appalachian for a year-long exchange program, and ended up staying to complete her undergraduate degree.

“One reason I chose to come back is that everyone here is so willing to help international students,” the management major says. “My professors are always going out of their way to help me when I need assistance with anything.” She also appreciates the many other aspects of her Appalachian Experience, including “all the different activities offered on campus, and all of the resources, like the Writing Center and tutoring services.”

While here, Julie has worked in the University Library in Special Collections, where she enjoys the spectacular view from the fourth floor, as well as the additional learning experiences she is gaining outside the classroom. “My supervisor is very knowledgeable, and tells me a lot about Appalachian history,” says Julie. “I really enjoy that my job allows me to learn about the university, and the history and culture of this region.”